Online Dating With A Filipina

Chatting with a Filipina online can be an intriguing process. If you’ve done online dating in your country, it’s quite different. In America, the girls are upfront, quick to the point, and ready to be open and honest.

If the girl wants to meet you, then a typical online conversation with an American girl might go something like this:

Guy: So…we’ve been chatting for awhile now…you want to meet?
Girl: Yes, when and where?

If the girl does not want to meet you, the conversation with an American girl might go this way:

Guy: So…we’ve been chatting for awhile now…you want to meet?
Girl: Honestly, I don’t trust you that much. You say some pretty creepy things. So let’s just keep this online.

Quite simple, right? In the Philippines, the game of online dating is an entirely different animal.

If the Filipina girl wants to meet you, the conversation may go something like this.

Guy: So…we’ve been chatting for awhile now…you want to meet?
Girl: No, I don’t want to. I’m shy.
Guy: Oh don’t be shy, I really want to meet you.
Girl: No, I’m shy and I know you have a lot of girls already.
Guy: I don’t have a lot of girls. I really want to get to know you.
Girl: I saw your Facebook. There’s a lot of friends there on your page. So I know you have many girls.
Guy: Those are just Facebook friends…let’s meet and get to know each other.
Girl: I’m ugly, there’s more pretty girls you can find.
Guy: I think you’re beautiful, I want to get to know you.
Girl: It’s easy for you to find another girl.
Guy: Well, I really want to meet you.

Keep in mind, that is how the conversation will go if the girl likes you and wants to meet you.

If the Filipina girl you’re chatting with has no interest in meeting you, here’s how the conversation may go:

Guy: So…we’ve been chatting for awhile now…you want to meet?
Guy: Hello? Are you there?
Guy: Why are you not replying?

The next day…

Guy: Hey how are you?
Girl: I’m good, and you?
Guy: I’m good too. So did you want to meet sometime? You never answered me from yesterday.
Guy: Hello????
Guy: Why do you keep ignoring me???

Hopefully this can prepare you for some of the online dating you might experience in the Philippines.

Good luck on your journey.

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  • salamiha

    Sometimes this can be the classic “baiting for a response” scenario that Filipinas love to use. It’s like a game really. The format is basically this:

    1. She makes a statement.
    2. She waits for you to give the response she hopes you will say.

    In this case:

    1. “I know you have a lot of girls already.”
    2. Hopeful response: “No, I’m single. I only like you.”

    Other classic examples:

    A. You say something to her in a Filipino dialect.
    1. “Oh you speak Tagalog? Did your gf teach you?”
    2. Hopeful response: “No, I’m single. I learned on my own.”

    B. Someone interested in you hasn’t heard from you in more than 24 hours.
    1. “Hm you’re not interested in me anymore.”
    2. Hopeful response: “Oh, I’m so sorry. I really really like you. I will chat with you more often.”

  • 22mcanada

    This is a nice topic, and I would like to add my own comment. I had been just starting to date Filipinas online a year ago, after being so fed up with the Canadian girls and their attitudes. Anyways, I have had my share of bad and good from dating Filipinas online. The first time, I met this very sexy Filipina from Mindanao (uh oh), but at the time, I didn’t even know where the Philippines was and how it looked. So after chatting with her for a few months, I decided I would buy a plane ticket and go see her in real life. A few days before I would leave there, we had a few last conversations online. One of our conversations went a little like this (note: this girl has always been showing herself to me on webcam beforehand and she was really a doll, but this particular day, she hadn’t done that, you will see why)

    Me: So honey, can I see you here before I come see you there in real life?
    Her: no honey, cam is broken. I look pangit na.
    Me: No hon, you don’t look pangit, you’re maganda! How come you don’t want to let me see you?
    (few minutes later) Me: Hello??
    Her: oh sorry hon, i went to cr.
    Me: That’s okay if you don’t want me to see you.
    Her: ty hon
    Me: So are you excited to see me?
    Her: ofc hon

    (blah blah blah)

    Okay, so after we chatted, I told her I would send her money to fly from her home to Ninoy Aquino to come meet me. At the time, I didn’t realize what was a lot of money and what wasn’t. I remember one time I sent her 20,000 pesos through Western Union because she said she wanted to look pretty for me when I arrive (yeah right!) But at the time, I was a dumbass. So, when my day came to go see her, I arrived at the Airport and she was nowhere to be found. So I called her on the payphone and she said that she couldn’t fly because she was too scared. Now fast forward to a few days later, one of my Filipino friends who actually did show up to meet me at the Airport (thank God) told me she wanted to keep it a secret from me, but that girl I was with had another Filipino bf there at her province and he got her pregnant and that’s why she didn’t want to show herself to me on cam. And she didn’t fly because she didn’t want to hurt the baby.

    Online dating is very tricky. One thing that will tell for sure if the girl is genuinely interested in you is if she talks a lot. She’s just there only to talk about how the weather is, how many brothers or sisters you have, etc. But even that isn’t complete peace of mind. You gotta always be on your feet for the excuse for money, and just say the hell with it and move on. I learned my lesson(s), had way too many bad situations happen to me.

  • monique19

    it’s very pathetic that all we’re negative about a filipina girl on chat.i guess my bestfriend is more than lucky to have an american husband that loves her dearly.they met on yahoo chatroom.

    her first boyfriend was an american too.i was envious at first! honestly! because she gets cash from him monthly,and she didnt even asked for it.he says,he just loves her.they only argue online about sex.he wants to do it..but she refuses till they get married.other than that.they get along fine.his first visit to the Phils was a big surprise to her.It was a rainy dawn,when her mom opened the gate to a stranger.her mom however is aware of the american she already has a clue of who he was,and gave him a warm welcome.she woke her daughter from sleep,my bestfriend was so shocked to see him in flesh,she just hugged him.He stayed for few days here..and btw,his name is ROBI.She loved this asshole so much that she gave herself to him.He was the first man who took her to bed,i know coz we’ve been together since we we’re kids.He left the Phils with her heart in his hands.My bestfriend went head over heels with his white man.But after that,he changed a lot to her,he doesnt text her daily calls..the chat became limited because he went “busy”.He grows irate when she asks him bout being “cold”.He still sends her money but not the same amount.Everytime they chat,she’d ask when will he visit again,and his reply will be about sex! Crap..that monster really irritates me.But with so much love,she’s willing to do all that she can.She asked when will he marry her.And he wont talk about marriage.He requested her to sex chat.send him her nude photos.Seriously! she took pics of herself with just her skin on! and send those to her “honey”.The relationship lasted for 2 years.He broke up with her,he says “this long distance relationship isnt working..”.She was so shattered apart.It took her a long time before she realized she had to continue breathing without him.After that,she had more “alien” bf’s.She had canadians,british and mostly americans.
    And nothing seemed work out right.She took a break from dating foreigners.She tried Filipinos then.And all we’re no good as well.Till she decided to go back on chat again.
    This time..she met the real “prince ” of her life.But due to the past experiences..she was more careful in investing her feelings for someone
    that she can only see and hear but cant be touched.He also had his own bad experience with cupid and is willing to give it one more shot with love,this time with a filipina.He visited Phils and proved her that he’s really sincere.He proposed after a year and a couple of visits.He supported her financially so she could process the necessary documents for her to fly into the states.February this year..her papers we’re approved.They are now married and is certainly happy.She is with him in Pennsylvania.

    • Geoffre

      That’s a very touching and sweet story, monique.

      Can I take the opportunity to ask though, flat out, how much would a typical Philipina be satisfied with per month as financial support from a potential ‘prince’ that she’s met online?

      Is it usually a flat fee she’s looking for typically? To justify the potential man in question (basically a dude shopping for a hot chick he fancies, let’s face it)? Does it matter if he really not a rich dude and can only send so much? Or is there an unspoken and ‘confidential’ amount of money that a potential cyber mate should send before he actually can get the keys to the average Philipina girl of his heart, online?

      And btw, this “ROBI” guy she and you seems to be upset with, sent her money for 2 years? Dated online with your best friend for 2 years? WTF is that about. Philipina women need better instincts on dating… as they many times seem to be sadly taken advantage of by Filipino guys most of all, and apparently foreign guys too. I’m happy your best friend is finally married to her foreign prince, just please decide how to communicate your thoughts more honestly and and please tell your other female friends to not be so naive with men, and develop more real life game plans. It will help her attract a more ‘real life’ guy who is truly searching for a ‘real life’ girl.

      • monique19

        let me make it clear that she didnt asked for the cash! not even once…i can even remember her telling robi to stop sending money coz she aint need that.all she wanted then was him..
        i guess i should stop posting comments here..

        • admin

          I really love how his name is Robi. This is more than priceless.

  • Kuya Robi

    Sound like ROBI was a bastard!! Damn sex tourist.

  • Geoffre

    Jedi, I respect your candid and seemingly insightful post until the last statements bro… what gives. It almost sounds as if it’s an anti-white foreigner rant or something. Or an anti-Filipina post… a particular Filipina girl who happens to be attracted at the moment to a potentially white-foreigner?? Was that over-generalizing things? Or did I mis-read it? I apologize if I did, as you simply lost me there bro on your last statements of an otherwise informative post… thanks.

  • shineamen

    Chat girls relationship is quite different topic from bar girls relationship, but very important topic for sure. thx for the above comments.
    guys going to chat rooms must never forget that chatting (i didnt say cheating ,,,,,lol) is A JOB first, for getting private sessions and money then. I wont put here links (unless somebody ask,,,) of sites mentioning all skills and technics chat girls have got to use.(‘cam girls notes’ is the name of one of them i think.).
    The second purpose and not the least for chat girls is to get ym addresses, and make the guy feel the only one, make him fall in love, and then sponsoring can start,,,,
    i will never say that some girls are not truly searching their frog prince through the chat, and some actually get married with foreign guys they met on chat, but asking again and again to marry the guy what ever is his(old) age is ridiculous and is part of the scamming and sponsoring action,,,,
    i have been chatting mainly on ACM (asian cam models) for five years na, and some girls are real ‘lil demons’.
    as many guys said, you send money sometimes even if you are not asked to, and someone else said here ‘nobody will do anything against your will’. that is true, but their skill is huge sometimes.
    let me tell you as a conclusion (for now,,,) what i heard from a chat girl not so long ago:
    “bfor, guys used to bola bola to me, so now i dont want to fall again and i bola to them now” It cant be more clear, and probably more justified on their point of view. But hard to swallow for some guys trying to speak true,,,,
    PI girls rules for ever and ever, Amen,,, (amen came to be my screen name )
    Ingat palagi everyone.
    PS please, Mo & Va, don’t fight and dont hate me ,,,,muahhh

  • 22mcanada

    Cam girls? There are actually some guys that fall in love with cam girls? lol

    • shineamen

      don’t be that proud and so self confident bro 22m, love can strike u , strike anybody from anywhere , anytime , at any age,,, (u ll see when u get old,,, lol)
      dont underestimate skill of some chat girls, i want to say of many cute girls in da univers , generally speaking ,,,,

      oh, by the way, speaking about getting old, i like Larry Flint’s words ” when you’ll get old, all what u gonna have left is your memories ,,,, so make them good,,, eat the best food, drink the best wine, F*** the prettiest women; ”
      ingat everybody

      • salamiha

        It’s true. Put a cam girl who skillfully pretends you’re the only thing that matters to her up against a lonely old man who’s forgotten what a woman smells like… it’s not even a fair fight. He’s a goner, and so is a lot of his cash. Cam girl FTW by a mile.

  • jason

    Just remember we are in control .. not the girls in the philippines…

  • shineamen

    jason, lucky you are always in control,,,
    peace bro

  • Wet Work

    Hahaha Salamiha, stop talking about me. I’m one of those old men, and have fallen in love with almost every chatmate and bargirl I’ve ever encountered. I find it almost impossible to resist. While my finances haven’t suffered, I have definitely sent some chatters a little money, or given an outrageous tip to a particular bargirl. At the levels I’m talking, it’s been money well spent tho. I’m just a total sucker for young and pretty filipinas, and have received much pleasure in return, so why not?

    As for the topic, I spent a few months chatting on some dating sites, leading up to my vacation there. I ended up actually meeting with two chatmates while there, and it was really a great time. However, my overall view is that it’s just waaaaaay too much work to wade through all the bs and fakers and misses to try and end up with some kind of a real relationship. The odds against are astronomical in my opinion.

  • shags

    I think it is the most stupid thing to send money to a person you have never met! All the sites I been on clearly states do not send money to someone you never met. Really blows me away and also makes It more difficult to find nice girls, because dumbasses are send money to girls they don’t know.
    After you visit the girl and you like her and want continue the relationship, then send her money if need. Don’t just send because you can.
    Also if you do want get serious with a girl, hire a PI and check her back ground and things. This how I found out my pinay gf was married.
    Be careful

    • romeollo

      i was wondering, what company did you use, i mean getting a PI, seems a little…. i don’t know but 70% of me is saying why the hell not, i mean why waste time and for some people money only to be the next sucker, i mean PI is a poor country, but they are not the only one in the world as such they are not the only ones getting suckers to fall for the lines… so far i have been lucky as am still just sitting on the side lines but i might meet someone and having a background check to see if i got a wifey or if am paying for a sexcapaids with her local bf…. we may not act like it most times but guys have feels too

  • David81

    Some girls on dating sites can be very persuasive to the point of acting like they are dying. I know one guy who posted on a blog that had a girl insistently tell him her baby was sick and might die, and that she would pay him back. He sent her a $100, and she never found a way to pay him back. She never responded back to him after that. Unless she needed more money. If you think about it, if she can barely make ends meet to survive, how could she ever pay $100 back to a foreign person she hasn’t met in person.

    • shineamen

      of course david81, of course shags on , u r rite in so many ways about chat girls,,,,but i am baliw enough, the baliwest as i use to say,,, dat they may have one percent feelings about u ,, yeah i said one percent ,,,, dat s much or nothing , up to u,,,, so i AM definitly baliw about dat one percent ,,, waaa, i ll die bfor i know about chat girls , and Pi girls ,,, so, sad

      i pray God to forgive me about all the true and nice pinay girls i could have met in PI ,,,, xoxoxo angels and demons for ever ,,, xoxo

    • shags

      I agree, some girls can be very persuasive. You just to be head strong and stick to your ways. Maybe some of this money helps these girls, but is clear if they never chat you again. And if they need money for this sick baby or family member, way are they spending half the day or more at the net cafe? I am friend with a few filipina girls there and they tell me that they see girls do this regularly at net cafes. One friend of mine has a gay friend that uses her pics and gets guys to send him money! Guys are sending money to people they dont even see on cam! Is crazy!
      I dont think all these girls are after money, I have meet many very sincere girls online, but if they are asking for money in the first few weeks of chatting, add them to your ignore list.

      • shineamen

        shags, i agree with you in the end. It s crazy to send money to a girl you have not met in person of course.
        Even if you have been chatting her on cam, its stupid as well to send money.
        see Shags and some others, i become a bit more reasonnable every day,,,,

  • shineamen

    admin said sometime, and many others, dat he only had once been concerned with a filipino asking for money ?????? ,,,,,, may be , so he is da boss, but i better understand Robi explaination about dat , saying they are pleased to stay with u for confort, aircon , shower and nice meal,,,, unfortunatly, i am not as cute and young as Robi,,,, so sad ,,,,
    take carte kuya robi ,,,,

    • shineamen

      take care kuya robi *,,, anyway , my bad typing is kind of signature ,,,hahaha

  • shineamen

    hi salamiha, may be ur comments r the wiserest from na ,,,,,
    ingat kuya

  • jason

    on line dating .. plan ur date with many submissive filipina girls.. willing to meet.. last trip in june 2011,, they love sex and only sex when hook up..

  • pulsare21

    what if you find the right girl and she work as a camgirl and you been talking to her for months and decide you want her to stop this job and suport her until you go there to meet her?

    • romeollo

      i can’t remember which post it was but someone was talking about just that, where they were supporting the girl only to find out that she did not stop being a cam girl i can’t remember the full details but its still here somewhere maybe some of the other members can direct you to it…. in most cases you are gonna have to take a risk and hope you are not just the next sucker but her prince charming

  • romeollo

    speaking of online dating, a few days ago i found this site while looking for angeles city videos, as i have never been there i wanted to get some research done….

    anyway to make a long story short, i talked the owner of the site on Skype and he is a nice guy no doubt about it, and what he is trying to do is great and all, but i still felt that there is a big way the girls can take advantage of members, but at least its not to big of an problem as he is doing a good job minimizing it so that members can make friends with the girls on his site without regretting tomorrow like many people do when it comes to online dating….. let me hear what you all think of what he has going.

    P.S. i don’t agree with him on all his views but some of them i have to admit that they are spot on man, especially the one about exotic beauty as i have seen many (not all) i repeat many walking around with foreigners and that’s just from my one and only trip to PI, but hey i can’t judge cause no one has the same type, a 10 for one might be a 4 for another and so on

  • JohnnyHomeless

    Your assessment of American girls is correct…but Filipinas? I’ve never had a conversation like that, not even once….all were MORE than willing to meet me.

    Ever consider that it’s just you?

  • Jane Feb

    no people in this world can ever say what one really feels inside nor predict..!!!!

  • ChristineEureka


  • Richmond

    this is so interesting… :),,,, its just fun reading these articles,,, glad i saw you on Youtube.. XDD

  • Theodore Rollin Anderson

    I don’t agree that this is how American girls are on dating sites. I’ve never experienced that.