Can I Use My iPhone in the Philippines?

What model iPhone do you use and what are the megabytes on it? What kind of service did you get in the Philippines? I think you had prepaid because I saw you buy phone cards in your videos. What kind data plan did you get? People keep saying buy an unlocked AT&T iPhone because it uses the GSM network that they use in the Philippines. I keep hearing that Sprint and Verizon Iphones will not work in the Philippines. I’ve been trying to wait for the iPhone 5 to come out, but I might buy the Iphone 4S with 64mb instead.

In a one word answer: Yes. Your iPhone will work in the Philippines as long as it is a GSM phone. Basically, any iPhone made by Verizon and Sprint will not work. None of them. The AT&T ones are the only ones I know of that work.

My megabytes are 16GB on mine. And yes, I buy prepaid cards. Actually, I don’t know anyone that has a phone plan. I think you need a permanent address to get one and a monthly contract. And that’s pretty much reserved for the more well-off Filipinos/business people. I’ve never met one person that has one. Wait, scratch that. I did meet someone one time that had it. I was blown away that she didn’t have to go get load every week. The plan was crazy expensive, that’s all I remember. Usually everyone just buys load at a sari-sari store.

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There are no data plans like we have in America, unless you get one of those contracts. So I know nothing about that. But your regular load can be used for data but it eats it up quickly. They do have data promos which you can use to ease the pain.

With your iPhone, use Globe and only Globe. I learned the hard way. Globe is the only cell company in the Philippines that has a contract with Apple’s iPhone. When I first used my iPhone, I was using a SMART sim card. I started noticing that my load would vanish out of nowhere. 10 pesos here, 20 pesos there – without even using my phone.

Hours of internet searching told me to turn my internet off on my phone. Well, it was off. All my data settings were off. I ended up going to the SMART store (this was in Cebu, Ayala Mall). I sat down with the guy and he actually pulled up my phone number on his computer. It showed exactly what time my load was being used and for what it was being used for. I was actually impressed.

Apparently, when used with SMART, the iPhone automatically tries to connect to the internet, even if all your settings are switched off. The employee explained to me there was nothing that could be done about it. He reiterated the fact that only Globe works 100% correctly with the iPhone. He said if I wanted to keep the SMART service that I better change my phone. Needless to say, I switched to Globe and didn’t have that vanishing load problem ever again.

I have no knowledge if SUN also has the vanishing load issue with the iPhone.

Your iPhone will also need to be unlocked, so make sure you do that before you bring it over.

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  • tmhroundeye

    My Iphone 4 works fine w/ the GEVEY chip used to unlock it purchased at SM….they tech actually knew what he was doing…i use prepaid cards as stated above…have everything turned off and have no issues. the phone does alert me continuously that “Cellular Data is Turned Off” which is a bit annying….but my load isn’t drained “by the phone at least”. I use the TRINET30 daily that gives me 200 allnet texts + 50 mins calls to smart/tnt/sun + 10mb mobile internet for a day…(30 php duh)…..

    • admin

      Seems like your load isn’t being drained because you have the data plan ordered each time. So it’s just using that.

      • tmhroundeye

        most of the “drains” come from the stupid ass free promo’s that every filipino signs up for…free for the first 5 days…(ringtones, quotes, poems?)

  • Chingy

    Most of the electronic stores in the SM can unlock your US cell phones for you. But it’ll cost between $20-50 US depending on your phone. For the newer iPhones, you’ll need the micro-SIM cards too.

    • admin

      I’m 99% certain the newest iPhone can be unlocked without a micro-SIM. Just a simple unlocking program probably from QuickPwn.

      • tmhroundeye

        dudes…i took a regular sim and just used a razor blade to cut it down to size….1-800-NOPROBLEM :) ghetto…but effective

        • admin

          I don’t get it. iPhones use regular size sims. Why did you need to make it smaller?

          • tmhroundeye

            no idea….it didnt fit lang pare…i just had to cut it down…???

          • admin

            Makes me think you didn’t get a real iPhone haha. All iPhones have regular sized sim slots, perfect for Globe/Sun/Smart sims. I’d like to see your phone now haha.

          • Vinichio

            No the iPhone 4 uses micro sim, the micro sims can be bought at most places that sells Sim card, or just go to the Globe store etc.

  • Vinichio

    Check if your phone provider can unlock your phone (at&t?)
    In Sweden the phone companys need to be able to unlock the phone after your data plan runs out (24 months or whatever) and some will do it earlier if you say you are going out of the country.
    You just give them your phones IMEI number and then they send a request to Apple and next time you hook it up to Itunes with a diffrent sim it will be unlocked.

    I think the never versions of Iphone 4 can’t be unlocked by the “hackers” but the older ones can be easy.
    Or you can just Jailbreak it.

    One annoying thing I noticed is that you arent allowed to use “thethering” (internet sharing) on your iPhone with globe if you have a prepaid plan, it only works with postpaid. But I think it will work if you jailbreak it.

  • admin

    Wow… I had no idea. I see now. Crazy shit. I wonder why they changed the sim size.

  • tmhroundeye

    muhahahahaha…..smack talker….dude it better be real…it was $499 w/ my 2 year plan pare…:P