Is The Philippines Really That Dangerous?

I am an average guy who grew up in a large city here in the states.  Since my retirement, I’ve been wanting to move to the Philippines.  My wife who is a Filipina tells me that it is too dangerous that I would be kid-napped.

I tell her that I could take care of myself with anything that comes my way, in other words I am not a push over.  Should I say; I worked as a longshoremen, teamster, as well as 23 years inside three different prison.  No not as an inmate, as a prison guard and retired sergeant.  So to put it mildly, I watch my back.

Now with all that said, do I have much to worry about?  My wife and I have a two story home in Sta. Margarita, Samar.  When I was there in Samar and Manila, I felt comfortable among the Filipino people.  As a matter of fact I found them to be very inviting and nice in general.  So what’s the big deal?  Is my wife just trying to scare me?  I don’t scare easy.

So what do you say?  Would like any advise from any American who permanently lives in the Philippines.

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  • admin

    Sounds like your wife is just trying to scare you, for what reason, I have no idea…I feel more danger here in American than I do in the Philippines. I’ve never once felt threatened over there.

    • salamiha

      I could cite at least one blog where one could argue this is not true.

  • admin

    I’ve seen a foreigner in 1230 pizza a number of times around January-April 2010, maybe that was Frank. The guy seemed to be the owner/manager or something.

  • Ameripino

    It’s a “Pinay thing” Most Filapina’s feel this way for what ever reason. I myself think that if it’s just you and her then go for it :-)

  • Ray

    Is the Philippines dangerous?

    Depends on your attitude.

    I have a whole bunch of long term US military retiree resident friends who experience few problems. They all live in Angeles City, Subic, and La Union.

    I lived in Manila and Angeles for over 18 years and am looking forward to going back to retire.

    Most of the problems experienced by epats are business related.

    But, there is no way I would live in the Provinces as I like to see my mates for a discussion on World affairs over a couple of ice cold San Miguels – ice cold as not a warm beer poured over ice.

    At night I feel safer walking on Fields Avenue in Angeles than I do walking in my town in the U.K.!

    • admin

      Yep, true that. I feel safer walking the streets at night in Cebu, but not in Miami.

  • admin

    Jesus that’s crazy…

    • tony adobo

      I believe in fairness and equality for everyone.
      Therefore i believe its fair to kick ass to everyone equaly. :D

      I met a guy from mexico a few years ago and he said that if a guy beats his girlfriend or wife the cops just come in and break it up and try to calm the situation down and no one goes to jail. Sounds good to me. Unless your a guy who gets beat up by his girlfriend or wife alot. Ha ha! :D

  • salamiha

    I find the Philippines to be among the most hospitable places I’ve been. Sure there are truly dangerous places like Somalia or Afghanistan, and what makes it into the international news when it comes to the Philippines is usually stuff about large natural disasters or so-called terrorist acts, but no relatively safe place is without danger. Being a foreigner in danger in the Philippines is definitely the exception, not the norm.

  • Mofu


  • tony adobo

    What you talking about willils? Of course its dangerous. Theirs so many cute and sexy filipinas everywhere you look that you might get a bad case of filipina fever. This is where everyday you go out and collect massive amounts of filipnas to date and you wear yourself out to the bone. :D You end up drinking too much and eating lots of bad greasy food and staying up really late where you forget what time to go to bed. You lose your hair you get dark lines and bags under your eyes. Before you know it after 10 or so years you hit an early grave. But what a great way to go! :D Ha ha!

  • Ed

    There are dangers associated with any place as there is elsewhere so I would say for your case, follow your heart. This probably may be a little difficult to do since you are married and your wife opposes to the idea of relocating back to the homeland. However, if you do decide to go back and permanently live there, just take caution of your surroundings at all times. If something doesn’t feel right, go with what your gut instinct is telling you. I have known several retired military Americans living in the Philippines and they really like it. In fact, they wish that the former Clark Air Base had remained open and kept the flow of the military mission going. I’m 34 now, been living in the US since I was 9 and I for one could not see myself retiring in the Philippines despite my soon to be pension from the military. It is just a personal preference but to each his own. Good luck.

    • Duce Rider

      I appreciate everyone’s input concerning this issue. I think my wife is somewhat insecure, and does not want me around other filipina’s. I think she thinks, that they would try to take me away or have an affair. If I right, she has nothing to worry about. I am not that way.

      • admin

        Hmm I don’t know. I think she’s thinking the other way. I think she’s thinking that you will try to have sex with the girls, not the other way around. The Filipinas I’ve met are very serious about the guy being single before flirting (except in a bar, obviously). I’ve even had girls ask me numerous times if I have a girlfriend, because they don’t want to get in a fight.

  • coitus

    Try reading “The Gift of Fear / Survival signals that protect us from violence” by Gavin DeBecker isbn 0-316-23502-4 . A little dated but all the important females in my life have read it and reading from page 17 in the hard cover edition still sends chills up my spine.
    As far as the earlier comments about spousal/partner abuse. Where I am from (Canada) assaulting your spouse/girlfriend results in an mandatory night in jail for the perpetrator. I was once on call for a hospital in Canada and the surgeon on call assaulted his wife, so, no questions, he spent the night in jail.
    Any man who assaults a woman is no man at all in my books. Just MHO.

    • tony adobo

      “Any man who assaults a woman is no man at all in my books. Just MHO.”

      I say it depends on the type of woman. Not everything is black and white anymore. If a crazy bitch attacks you what do you do? Please enlighten us. :D

  • coitus

    Of course if someone jumps out of the alley with a knife, I don’t stop to check their gender. If you are cohabiting with a “crazy bitch” it is a risk you take and still the rule applies “never hit a woman, or hand in your man card”. Most males always have the upper hand, they are usually bigger, stronger and able to leave of their own free will.
    A friend of like mind was in a situation once when a mildly “crazy bitch” tried, very physically, to keep him in her apartment against his will. He benches over 450lbs btw and he would never hit a woman. So he picked up a chair and crushed it. She either let him leave or start looking for new furniture.
    There are many ways to avoid violence.

  • jamunderwo

    as in any where u go in the world especially a third world country like the peens everyone the locals that is are going to notice you! If u walk around acting like a dick head to everyone with hundred dollar bills hanging out of your pockets something bad is going to happen,, if your cool avoid trouble use your common sense you will be ok unless ur really unlucky. no matter what you have to lose walk away because believe me they the locals have a lot more than u.

  • rdforces

    Trust me when I say that you should pay heed to your wife. She can’t say it but she’s just trying to protect you from something you have no defense against – your ‘outlaws’ ;-)

  • Duce Rider

    I could never hit a woman and that is the truth. This act is so disrespectful. Any man who could hit a woman, could do the same to a child, or animal… Myself, if I knew of a man hitting a woman infront of me would bring on the animal out of me, and he would now be dealing with me as well. Best for the person to walk away.

  • JohnP

    Any place where a 7/11 has armed guards has to be considered dangerous. They are not armed because because the criminal, have fake guns, but because they have real guns which too many are not afraid to use.

    Not saying anything will happen to you, but it’s your decision. Your street-smarts against random gun crime. PI is one of those countries where foreigners have an above average chance of meeting an unnatural death.

  • JohnnyHomeless

    Depends on the city and region, but no more dangerous than some American inner cities. As you would do in those places, take precautions, stay smart, aware and don’t do foolish things…and you will be fine.

  • Random Reader

    I wouldn’t worry about it. You are too far from all the ruckus. If you don’t get involved with the local politics, then you should be okay. I’d be more worried about your stuff disappearing than you disappearing. As far as your wife not wanting to stay there, then that’s your talk with her. As long as you don’t mess with them, they won’t mess with you.