Filipino Ingenuity Is Inspiring! Soda Bottle Creating Light

Not sure if you guys remember or not, but months ago I made a post about some schools that I believe were being built with soda bottles. Well, the Filipinos are at it again, this time creating light. I believe it was a local guy from their vollage called Demi-Solar.

The project is called A Liter of Light (Isang Litrong Liwanag). It’s pretty amazing, and truly shows what thinking about of the box can really accomplish in this world. I mean, really. Cutting up an empty Coke bottle and turning a dark home bright? Simply amazing.

Although I don’t think that people that have enough money for electricity would ever use this, it’s still a priceless idea for people without electricity.

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  • Peter UK

    That is a cool idea

  • Seoulman72

    Necessity is the mother of invention. I wonder why bleach is added to the water in the bottle.

    • Kuya Robi

      maybe to keep the water from turning green and murky? thats the only reason i would think you would add bleach.

  • Frank

    OMG. Retarded!

    • Jack

      wtf? Frank YOU are retarded. The only poor aspect of this application that is not mentioned, is it will not work great during dusk or stormy weather. However, 5-10 per roof would help this issue a little,& so would strategic mirrors/reflectors to catch the setting rays as they change their pitch in the sky.
      Besides that fact, if you have no money, you live in darkness, how is this even remotely retarded? Seems to me it is retarded to you since you live in a luxury nation who wastes more electricity than any of them use in 6months. Keep in mind, they cut a hole in a roof of sheet metal. You think it’s retarded cuz we would not cut a hole in a high quality roof just to stick a soda bottle in it. Their roof is not 5 layers of high tech material like we take for granted. They don’t even have insulation.