Afterhours at the Filipino Public Market

Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and flies – that pretty much sums up the public market in Angeles City. And, oh yea, how could I forget a local dog with testicles larger than mine? After hours, though, it’s a bit different. Vendors are cleaning up their blood-stained stalls and closing up shop around 12 in the afternoon, only to reopen around 10pm the same evening.

Is Safe To Use?

is xoom money safe
Is safe to use?
Andrea asks,

“I have seen you use money transfer and wanted to know if it is not a scam. How many days until your money arrives? I really need to know if it’s fake or not, I already signed up and the last step is entering my credit card but I’m scared, but I remember in your videos using Xoom.”


As the creepy smiling lady points out, you can send up to $2,999 for less than $5 with Xoom. If you saw me using it (and even collecting my money at Cebuana) then I guess it’s safe to say it’s not a scam, unless I’m the one behind and I set up that entire video on purpose just to scam everyone on this site…………but, that’s not the case.

Xoom is a legit site used by many, and it’s cheaper than Western Union.

My bank account is linked to my Xoom account. I’m not using a credit card as you’re about to do. My money is available instantly. When I say “instantly,” the moment I click “Send Transfer,” I receive an e-mail stating that my money is available for pickup. I’m beginning to think they are sending me the money before they even check my bank to see if I have the funds. I never gave them my online banking username and password, so I’m really not sure how they can verify that the money is there so quickly.

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Do Quesadillas Really Need To Be This Oily?

Day 109 – Tequila Reef Angeles City

Quesadilla, P245
Quesadilla, P245

Worked all day and ended up heading out for food around 11pm. Unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to find an open restaurant at that time in most places in the Philippines. Luckily for me, I live in a touristy/nightlife mecca in Angeles City, so there’s plenty of options in the red light district of Balibago.

I wanted Mexican so I hit up Tequila Reef. They also have a location in Pattaya. Was craving a quesadilla so I ordered a mixed chicken and beef quesadilla. On top of that I ordered 12 pieces of the mini tacos – four pork, four beef, and four chicken.

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Public Market, Mr. Taco, Tequila Reef

Day 107 – Wala

The only thing I have in my notes for Day 107 is that I spent money at the sari-sari store, so that must mean I didn’t leave the hood at all.

Money Spent – P170/$3.95

P170 @ sari-sari

Day 108 – Pampang’s Public Market

pampang public market
Some offerings at the public market

Got out of the house today. After a failed attempt at Western Union, I stopped by the Public Market in Pampang with Gern. It was noon when we arrived, and they closed at noon, so we couldn’t do much damage.

At night I went to see the new movie Lucy and sampled a bit from Mr. Taco again. Don’t waste your money on the tiny quesadilla, but getting the “taco wrap” at P95 seemed almost worth the money…almost.

Money Spent – P874/$20.33

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Daki’s Choice Cut Meat Deli

Day 105 – Nepo Mall

We have promo, Sir.

A little restocking on groceries had to be done today, and that was accomplished at Robinson’s Grocery Store inside Nepo Mall.

The bulk of the expense was toiletries. I went high-class and bought Listerine and Oral-B dental floss. Found a good deal on a Speed Stick deodorant as well.

Stopped by Jollibee for a quick bite to eat. Sampled the Cheezy Bacon Yum (the smaller version of their beastly Champ Burger).

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