8 Essential Mobile Apps For Filipinas And Foreigners To Communicate

8 Essential Mobile Apps For Filipinas And Foreigners To Communicate

Times have changed when it comes to sending romantic correspondence to a girl in the Philippines. Even as little as 10 years ago, before internet access became mainstreamed in the Philippines, you had only two options: writing letters (and waiting weeks just for them to be received) or really expensive phone calls. Unless your special girl lives deep in the mountains with little to no access to modern technology, get some of these mobile apps so you can always have real-time communication with your Filipina.

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Surviving The Aftermath Is All About Politics

survival-philippinesThat’s according to many Filipinos on the ground, suffering and struggling just to survive day to day since the devastating Typhoon Haiyan pummeled the vulnerable country of the Philippines.

A shocking claim has come out, stating that government officials are only helping those people in areas that actually voted for them.

One of the aid workers on the ground is saying favoritism is clearly being shown by Philippines officials at both a national level and on a village level. His identity is being withheld for fear of being “vanished” if he was to be identified, due to his bold claims about the government.

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Ikea Donates More Than China to the Philippines

ikea philippinesYes, you read that right. The Swedish furniture company Ikea has officially donated more money and aid to the Philippines than the entire country of China. To date, Ikea, through it’s charity, has donated about $2.7 million. China, the worlds second-largest economy, has donated a dismal $2.0 million.

As a society, we have to make a serious decision and put our differences aside at a time like this. I mean, come on, it was a storm far stronger than hurricane Katrina; far stronger than a Category 5 hurricane. And it smashed and obliterated the tiny country of the Philippines, leaving scores of people dead, injured, and homeless.

For awhile now, China has had their differences with the Philippines, most recently fighting over claims of which country owns and controls islands in the South China Sea. But this is not a time to hold back. We are all humans and these people need help from every corner of the Earth, and especially from a powerful economy like China.

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Verizon & AT&T Waive Phone Fees to Contact Philippines

free-calls-philippinesMany Filipinos living in America have not yet made contact with their loved ones since Typhoon Haiyan struct the Philippines. Cell phone service in many areas of the Philippines is down, making communication difficult. For days, families are not sure if their loved ones are alive or not. Some families were able to evacuate in time, but unfortunately, many were not.

Money, food, and supplies are not the only things being sent to the Philippines in this time of need. Two cell phone giants have stepped up to the plate, providing charity during this crucial time.

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The UK & Australia Pledge Donations to the Philippines

help the philippinesAustralia and the UK are the latest countries to follow suit with donations towards helping the disaster-stricken country of the Philippines. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK, has upped his country’s donation from £6m to £10m and will be sending a Royal Navy warship and an RAF C-17 transporter plane to help deal with the current calamity that is affecting millions in the Philippines.

Australia has pledged to donate $10m, joining in the international aid effort in the wake of this devastating typhoon. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says the $10m will include $390,500 of emergency supplies, greatly adding to the humanitarian assistance effort in the Philippines. An Australian medical assistance team will be deployed, as well as numerous food and other items greatly in need, such as mosquito nets, tarps, water, and donations to the Red Cross to help in the effort.

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Super Typhoon Haiyan, The Storm of the Century [Video]

philippines-typhoon-haiyanThe storm of the century, super typhoon Haiyan, (locally called Yolanda in the Philippines) has finally made landfall in the country of the Philippines. At this time, there have already been three deaths related to the storm, but many more will sadly come. This storm has already gone down in history as one of the strongest storms ever observed, and it has yet to reach it’s peak, making it very scary.

The Philippines did their best to prepare for the storm, evacuating and relocating thousands of citizens that were living in harm’s way. One of the worst things about this storm is that there are still many homeless people from the recent earthquake in Bohol, making them extremely vulnerable.

Winds are coming in as strong as 195 mph and gusts at an insane 235 mph. Imagine driving that fast in your car; now imagine that wind and rain (and other dangerous objects) hitting your face at such an intense speed. If we compare it to a hurricane, this typhoon would easily be a Category 5, the most powerful of all ratings.

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10-Year Old Filipina ‘Sweetie’ Lures Online Pedophiles [Video]

In what appears to be somewhat of a breakthrough in the fight against online pedophiles, a group from the Netherlands has come up with an interesting way to capture the identify of online predators who target young children. Utilizing the latest technology, they have developed ‘Sweetie’, a 10-year old computer-generated Filipina girl. No, she isn’t real, but she sure looks real.

The amount of men that swarm to ‘Sweetie’ as soon as she enters a chat room is disturbing. The perverts ask for naked camera shows for money, not realizing they are talking to this undercover group the entire time. Click ahead to watch this impressive video and let’s hope for a big crackdown on this type of illegal activity.

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Do Filipinas Girls Want a Foreign Baby?

pregnant-filipinasThis is a question I ponder from time to time, hope you all can shed some insight to this situation. Over my many years of travel to the Philippines, I do come across sweet and delicate Filipina girls that are interested in marriage and having a family with a foreign man such as an American, Australian, Canadian, etc.

But mostly they want a baby with a foreigner. They think the baby will be more beautiful. They think the baby will have whiter skin and therefore it will be more beautiful. Keep in mind this is what they are telling me and this is not what I think.

Sometimes one of their sisters or cousins or aunts are married to a foreigner and they end up having a “white” baby and so they get jealous and they always want a “white” baby for themselves because they think it’s more beautiful. I have even come across some crazy Filipina girls that have begged me to make them pregnant just because I am from Canada and they wanted a white baby.

I try to explain to her (them) that it’s not responsible to do that because I cannot commit to them or be a father to their new child, but it seems to not matter to them. They just want a baby from me so it can be different, special, more beautiful in their eyes.

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My Filipina Girlfriend Still Uses A Dating Site

filipina-girlfriend-datingThis is my dilemma, do I trust her or not? We have been dating for three months already but I find this very strange, don’t you? If we are dating shouldn’t she just delete her account? Are things different in the Philippines in regards to dating Filipina girls? She said I just need to trust her.

Just so you know I don’t also have an online dating account so I’m also not doing something wrong, but I remember her link and I checked hers. Just wondering if I should break it off with this sweet Filipina girl or not?

Are her options still open? Is that why this Filipina girlfriend of mine is still on this website? I can’t see when she has logged in last. I really don’t know what to do. People say we should both work on it. Work on the trust thing. Yea I live with here in Manila but not with her. She’s with her family and I’m renting an apartment here in Manila so I can’t always watch her like a hawk. I don’t want to do that anyway.

My buddy says if she is truly into me then she will take down the dating profile herself, and that I don’t need to ask her to do it. So what does that mean? I’m the backup plan? I don’t want to be that. Should I just trust her regardless of her having the dating site still? I feel pretty childish here.

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