My Favorite Pizza and Drinking

Day 79 – A Night On The Town

espazzo bar angeles diamond
The colorful ESPAZZO sign

Up at 2:40pm and a brownout hits us at 4pm; it’s a bit strange because the Filipino typhoon has come and gone and everything seems calm. I had plans to eat at my favorite pizza place in Angeles, Amore Mio, but I needed to finish my work before I left.

At about 6pm, while sitting in complete darkness from the power outage, I went out to the sari-sari store and got some juice and bananas. Finally, at 7pm, the power went back on, I finished my work and then left.

I ordered half-Hawaiian half-pepperoni pizza, and it was awesome as usual. I really love that place and the price is great. I then decided to stay out a bit longer, so I went to The Coffee Academy and order a…beer.

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Typhoon Glenda Causing Havoc

Day 78 – Thanks, Glenda


One good thing about being on this vampire-type schedule is that I slept through the entire day of power outages. Glenda apparently finally caused some damage, as the power and water went out in our house around 9am.

I briefly remember waking up at 9-something and realized my air conditioner was off, meaning the power was out. At 3:25pm I woke up and came downstairs.

Since we didn’t have running water, I stepped outside and took a celebratory piss. At 3:51pm the power came back on and I blogged until 7pm. I stopped by the sari-sari store and picked up some potatoes, onions, and eggs and then went back home and cooked up a weird concoction including Hickory Smoke SPAM.

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Libby’s Corned Beef

Day 77: Signal 3?

From Brazil? Really?

As usual these days, I wake up at 3pm. Neck hurts but it’s getting a little better. I head over to the sari-sari store and I try something new – Brazilian corned beef made by Libby, McNeill & Libby. After doing some research, I found out that it was actually an American company from Chicago founded in 1869, but the can I bought says it’s from Brazil.

Even weirder, I can’t find anything at all online about this company in Brazil except this random baseball picture. Corned beef is an interesting and odd favorite here in the Philippines; the sari-sari store saleslady got excited when I bought it. This particular brand is a rather expensive option at P155 per can. Who would have ever thought that hot dogs, corned beef, spaghetti, and fried chicken would be the cornerstones of a Filipino diet? Not me.

The corned beef can has a really interesting way to open it; there’s a “key” that you use to curl away the metal surrounding the beef. I threw some onions and garlic in the pan and then added the corned beef; it’s actually not bad and I’ll probably buy it again.

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A Stiff Neck and Behind on Blogging

Day 76: Neck Issues

homeless kids angeles city
Three kids sleeping on the sidewalk.

I slept a bit too long; about 12 hours. I’m way behind on my music and blogging now. It’s amazing how damaging and time consuming taking two days off can be to blog work. 5:10pm and the WiFi goes down; big shocker.

On top of it all, I woke up with a really bad stiff neck; it’s an old jiu-jitsu injury from 2003 that flares up after a bad night’s sleep. I lay down at 6pm and set my alarm for 9pm, hoping that when I wake up, my neck pain will be a little less; it wasn’t.

I end up doing music until about 8am in the morning and then finally get to sleep at 8:30am.

Money Spent – P0/$0

Can’t Stop My Didi’s Addiction

Day 75: Home, Sweet Home

the waffles corner cafe angeles city
The Waffles Corner Cafe in Angeles City

Up at 3pm and I’m searching for food. I haven’t shopped in awhile, so I really don’t have much in the ‘fridge. I end up going out to The Waffles Corner Cafe on Friendship Highway and trying out their waffles and beef tapas.

They were pretty good; well, nothing spectacular – I wouldn’t tell you to run out there and try this place. But it’s good; the only downfall was the cost, as I think they could reduce the prices by about 30% for what they are offering.

Then again, they have a location in Manila, and I’m sure Manila is more expensive than Angeles City but they are most likely using the same prices.

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Should I Go Back To Angeles City?

Day 74: To Leave or Stay?

greenwich tarlac philippines spaghetti
Not bad – Greenwich’s spaghetti

I hate sleeping in cheap hotels; they never give you a blanket, so you usually end up shivering under a thin sheet while the air conditioner with no settings is on full blast. I woke up at 12:09pm and wasn’t even sure if I wanted to stay another night as planned.

I took a quick dump before leaving the hotel and then stopped at Nuat Thai for a massage. I had been meaning to check out Nuat Thai for some time now; I’ve seen it in nearly every city I’ve visited in the Philippines. At P200, I wasn’t expecting much of anything at all, but I was pleasantly surprised.

This wasn’t a massage that I was used to; this girl pulled, contorted and stretched my body in ways I didn’t know were possible. But in the end, I really felt loose and relaxed. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for a 100% relaxing massage; there are moments in this massage where it definitely gets intense.

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A Night Out In Tarlac City

Day 73 – Mission: Tarlac City

tambayan al arabia tarlac city
Get your shisha on.

My alarm didn’t go off as planned; or maybe it did and I subconsciously turned it off. Whatever the case, I woke up at 4pm, hours later than I had planned. I immediately started recording the nine orders I had – once finished, I showered and went off to SM Clark.

Buko juice, a haircut, and a quick bite to eat at Mr. Taco and I was on my way at about 6:30pm. I arrived at my stepbrother’s house at 7:45pm but no one was there except for “Joey.” My Tarlac friends started to text me, so I left to meet them at Tambayan Al Arabia.

I bought a bucket of Red Horse and some bangus sisig; my friends bought some strawberry-flavored hookah, or as they call it in the Philippines, shisha. After hanging out at Al Arabia, we went upstairs to The Loft; if you recall from my last experience at The Loft with Tang, it was quite the gay festival. I was told that the experience I had last time was out of the ordinary, but I must say, even on this night, it seemed to be 90% gay; but to quote Seinfield, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

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