Public Market, Mr. Taco, Tequila Reef

Day 107 – Wala

The only thing I have in my notes for Day 107 is that I spent money at the sari-sari store, so that must mean I didn’t leave the hood at all.

Money Spent – P170/$3.95

P170 @ sari-sari

Day 108 – Pampang’s Public Market

pampang public market
Some offerings at the public market

Got out of the house today. After a failed attempt at Western Union, I stopped by the Public Market in Pampang with Gern. It was noon when we arrived, and they closed at noon, so we couldn’t do much damage.

At night I went to see the new movie Lucy and sampled a bit from Mr. Taco again. Don’t waste your money on the tiny quesadilla, but getting the “taco wrap” at P95 seemed almost worth the money…almost.

Money Spent – P874/$20.33

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Daki’s Choice Cut Meat Deli

Day 105 – Nepo Mall

We have promo, Sir.

A little restocking on groceries had to be done today, and that was accomplished at Robinson’s Grocery Store inside Nepo Mall.

The bulk of the expense was toiletries. I went high-class and bought Listerine and Oral-B dental floss. Found a good deal on a Speed Stick deodorant as well.

Stopped by Jollibee for a quick bite to eat. Sampled the Cheezy Bacon Yum (the smaller version of their beastly Champ Burger).

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A Big Mac Surprise in the Philippines

Day 103 – A Big Mac Surprise

Anybody want a Big Mac with a side of paper?

Had an interesting experience at the Philippines McDonalds today. One that I won’t ever forget every time I chomp into a Big Mac. I drove through the Nepo McDonald’s around 11pm, bought a BFF Burger Bundle for 3.

While devouring my so yummy kaya Big Mac, I took a bite and then pulled out something that stopped me in my gluttony tracks. Out pops a small piece of paper that reads, “Shredded Iceberg, AUG 15 2014″.

At least the lettuce was fresh, right? I posted on our Instagram page, Twitter page, and Google+ page in hopes that someone at McDonald’s will catch wind of the mistake.

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McDonald’s Philippines and A Return To Tony J’s

Day 101 – McDonald’s

mcdonalds philippines

Slept a ton today and when I woke up in the evening I was insanely starving. I drove out to McDonald’s and sinned in gluttony. This madness consisted of fries, a coke, a Big Mac, and a double cheeseburger. Oh yea, and the Sweet & Sour sauce which they charge an extra 10 pesos for.

McDonald’s is pretty much the same exact taste in the Philippines and America. The only difference I’ve found is the Sweet and Sour sauce; I don’t know how to describe it, but it has a more Asian feel to it.

Money Spent – P244/$5.67

P244 @ McDonald’s

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100 Days in the Philippines

Day 100 – Drunkz

purple pad thai sm clark
Not the best, but doable

For today’s 100th day I wanted to celebrate by making Tang lose 19 brain cells due to alcohol. I think I accomplished it. Before that, I got a fade at SM and hit up Purple Pad Thai for some pad thai.

We met up at Phillies, then proceeded to GEISHA. It’s a Japanese show bar. No girls on stage but they bring girls to your table. What’s interesting is they don’t ask you to buy a drink; they will just sit there and talk to you the whole time for free. This was a new concept to me. We ordered the unlimited Gin & Tonics (within 90 minutes) for P500; we each had five or six.

Off to High Society where Tang ended up drunk, slumped over on the floor and we got thrown out by security. I hit up a different Shawarma place called Shawarma ni Kuya, got a chicken one and also pancit canton to go.

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