A Suggestion For Yellow Cab Pizza

Day 85 – Palabok & Pancit

palabok 30 pesos philippines
Palabok…only 30 pesos

Tang arrived today but I wasn’t able to see him due to the fun Filipino rain. He bought a new motorbike; well, a used motorbike for P68,000. CBR250 – 1990 model. It’s loud.

I went across the street (inside the neighborhood) and ordered, for the second time, palabok & pancit for P30 each. The amount of food you get for P30 still astounds me. Went out later in the evening for got myself a Yellow Cab Ham & Cheese Calzone.

Yellow Cab, may I suggest that you let customers create their own calzone, or at least add an extra topping (for an extra cost, of course) into the calzone? Or how about having more than just one calzone on the entire menu? At first when the employee said that I couldn’t add pepperoni to the calzone, I assumed they were already pre-made, but they aren’t.

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Jollibee, Niji, and the Worst Pizza Ever

Day 82 – Jollibee’s Amazing Aloha

amazing aloha champ burger

Hit up Jollibee at 9am for their Amazing Aloha Champ Burger. Everything is good except the meat in the burger at Jollibee. I just can’t seem to shift gears and change my palette to like that Filipino beef flavor they use for the burgers. If the Amazing Aloha Champ burger could use McDonald’s meat, I’d go broke buying them all day.

Money Spent – P305/$7.09

P195 @ Jollibee
P110 @ sari-sari

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Susie’s Cuisine and HomeStyle Diner in Angeles City

Day 80 – Susie’s Cuisine

suisines cuisine angeles city
The counter at Susie’s Cuisine

Wake up at 11am and hit Susie’s Cuisine at 5pm. Susie’s Cuisine is a restaurant I found back in my 2009 Tarlac City trip. They have some decent pasta dishes for around P70 but their specialty is sticky rice (kakanin) and prepared desserts. For me, I stick with the pasta dishes which range from carbonara to baked macaroni.

At 5am I hit 7-11 for some edibles.

Money Spent – P240/$5.58

P120 @ Susie’s
P120 @ 7-11

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My Favorite Pizza and Drinking

Day 79 – A Night On The Town

espazzo bar angeles diamond
The colorful ESPAZZO sign

Up at 2:40pm and a brownout hits us at 4pm; it’s a bit strange because the Filipino typhoon has come and gone and everything seems calm. I had plans to eat at my favorite pizza place in Angeles, Amore Mio, but I needed to finish my work before I left.

At about 6pm, while sitting in complete darkness from the power outage, I went out to the sari-sari store and got some juice and bananas. Finally, at 7pm, the power went back on, I finished my work and then left.

I ordered half-Hawaiian half-pepperoni pizza, and it was awesome as usual. I really love that place and the price is great. I then decided to stay out a bit longer, so I went to The Coffee Academy and order a…beer.

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Typhoon Glenda Causing Havoc

Day 78 – Thanks, Glenda


One good thing about being on this vampire-type schedule is that I slept through the entire day of power outages. Glenda apparently finally caused some damage, as the power and water went out in our house around 9am.

I briefly remember waking up at 9-something and realized my air conditioner was off, meaning the power was out. At 3:25pm I woke up and came downstairs.

Since we didn’t have running water, I stepped outside and took a celebratory piss. At 3:51pm the power came back on and I blogged until 7pm. I stopped by the sari-sari store and picked up some potatoes, onions, and eggs and then went back home and cooked up a weird concoction including Hickory Smoke SPAM.

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